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Things to Do in Bodrum

Things to Do in Bodrum

Things to Do in Bodrum

The beautiful Bodrum peninsula in Turkey may be intimate, but it offers a lot. This exclusive section of the Turkish Riviera offers fine dining experiences, a world-class marina, blue-flagged golden beaches, sparkling turquoise waters and even traditional villages. It’s no surprise that Bodrum appeals to the super-wealthy, who bring luxury yachts each summer and sun seekers looking for a classic summer break. There are many luxury establishments where you may burn money if you have it. Still, many affordable options exist, from family-friendly villas to unassuming eateries with excellent food.

As one of Turkey's most well-known resorts, Bodrum is a top choice for travellers from Europe due to the peninsula's wide range of entertainment options. Our article covers the top things to do in Bodrum, Turkey, so you don’t have to get lost in the city's enormous diversity.


Things to do in Bodrum at Sea


Sail around the Peninsula

Bodrum is most spectacular from the water, so arrange a day cruise to marvel at its incredible azure waters and explore the rocky coastline's bays. Orak, among the most well-known tourist spots, is an uninhabited island with a few pit-stop-perfect bars, bays, and a lighthouse. Some packages include lunch or a BBQ, while other boats are equipped for foam parties. There are many operators and exciting routes to choose from, and if you have a large group, think about hiring a private boat.


Snorkel at Gumusluk Beach

A day in Gumusluk is the perfect family holiday day. Take sets of snorkels and swim in the crystal-clear waters to discover the ruins of Myndos and plenty of colourful sea life beneath your feet. Wander to the very end of the beach to find a spot where you can rent windsurfing equipment. Since the wind picks up in the afternoon, it's preferable to take windsurfing lessons in the mornings. You shouldn't leave without tiptoeing through the shallow waters to Rabbit Island, which connects to the mainland via a narrow passageway from Gumusluk shore.


Historic Things to do in Bodrum


Take a Trip back in Time to Bodrum Castle.

Bodrum has much more to offer than all-inclusive resorts and beaches. There are legions of historical locations that also pique the interest of tourists. St. Peter's Castle is one of them, and visiting it is among the top things to do in Bodrum. This striking landmark, also referred to as Bodrum Fortress, is the city's primary emblem. Explore its historical strata and pay a visit to the integrated museum of underwater archaeology, which has a collection of items found in shipwrecks along the shore.


Explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Bodrum is home to the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the world’s seven wonders. The enormous tomb, commissioned by the brutal Carian ruler Mausolus and built by some of the most talented craftsmen and architects of the time, was meant to cast a shadow across the entire city. The building stood for about two thousand years, its fame for beauty and grandeur reaching well beyond the nation’s borders.

Since no one repaired the tomb after the devastating earthquake in the 13th century, we cannot fully appreciate the grandeur of the grand edifice. Still, it’s worth a visit to get a sense of the magnificence that once was, and you can continue up the hill to the impressive amphitheatre, one of the best-preserved structures of the ancient city.


Entertaining Things to Do in Bodrum


Visit the Karnas Vineyards

If you enjoy a taste of the grape, visiting the Karnas Vineyards is one of the best things to do in Bodrum. More Turkish wineries are welcoming visitors, which signals the revival of Turkish viticulture. The full wine-tasting and eating experience is available in Karnas, which is close to Bodrum town and has a picture-perfect setting. The welcoming proprietors will take you on a tour of the cellars and explain how they make their wine the old-fashioned way. Karnas's zinfandel is the first kind to be grown in Turkey, and its syrah is renowned.


Get Dressed for a Night on the Town

Nightlife in Bodrum is among the greatest in Turkey, and in the summer, copious venues draw famous acts. In Turkbuku, where some clubs are so exclusive that if your name isn't on the list, you might not be getting in, you'll discover a more upscale vibe. While in town, we recommend you visit Catamaran for a memorable party experience. The Catamaran Club is Europe's largest water-based nightclub. Its design is based on a vast floating ship with a glass-covered, transparent main deck and can host around 2500 partygoers.


Meander through the Old Town

The Old Town is possibly the only location in the city where you can still catch a glimpse of Bodrum as the sleepy fishing village it was before it became a well-liked tourist attraction. It is the ideal location for a stroll and a photographer's heaven with its winding cobblestone pathways lined with snow-white homes and vibrant flowers. Here, you will discover stores selling a variety of trinkets, apparel, and spices, as well as cafes where you can relax and seek shade from the sun.

If you want to learn more about the heritage of Bodrum and take a great souvenir with you, we recommend you stop at a shoemaker’s workshop and purchase some traditionally made leather sandals. Sandal making is a tradition in Bodrum, and the artisan can craft you a pair to fit your feet perfectly. 


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