Deals of the Month: Villa Mavi Koy
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Invoice & Taxation

The Villa Rental service is carried out between 3 different institutions/individuals.

1.     Villa owner

2.     The agency that mediates the rental of the villa

3.     Renter

Therefore, the Villa Rental service invoicing is also carried out between these individuals/institutions. LuxuryTurkish is obliged to issue an invoice for the service fee for each reservation made in accordance with the applicable laws. The Villa owner is responsible for invoicing amounts other than the Service Fee. The rental procedure proceeds exactly as follows.

The renter receives holiday service by completing the payment for the villa they request. At the end of the holiday service, the Villa Rental agency (LuxuryTurkish) will invoice the renter for the service fee earned as a result of the provision of this service. Since the remaining amount is paid to the Villa owner, the landlord can invoice the Lessor based on their income if requested.


Responsibility of commercial businesses or homeowners who are taxpayers.

Tax-certificated businesses or commercial facilities with a villa, apartment, or residence business are obliged to invoice their guests for the amount paid by our company on your behalf and enter it into their accounts. You can request an invoice from such landlords for the rental amount to be used for your expenses. Be sure to consult our company to work with our landlords who are such businesses and to receive an invoice for your expenses. In such cases, you can obtain your expense invoice for the service fee from our company and the invoice for the rental amount received by the landlord from the landlord.



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